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(born 1973, the Netherlands)

I’ve always been painting on various surfaces such as walls, paper, canvas in a variety of painting techniques, working with brushes, airbrush and digital tools. Painting is enjoyable, relaxing and creates new visions; I spend a lot of time painting. Experimenting with paint and digital techniques gives me new insights to create artworks. I’m working with bodypaint models and paint the skin as canvas. In this style of making artworks I combine my painting skills, digital airbrush and the human body. You can see these artworks in the my new eBook Body Art by Dimitrov ” The eBook is for sale on

My canvas paintings are exhibited on several artshows in the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Holland and the United States, including:  
‘Brave Destiny’ (New York City, U.S.A.)
Artshow with international artists working in the field of Sureal, Visionairy Art & Fantastic Realism. The show traveled from NYC to Miami and London. Artists who also participated at this show were: HR Giger, Ernst Fuchs, De Es, Roberto Venosa, Naoto Hattori, Andrew Gonzalez, Chris Mars plus many other great artists.
‘The International Airbrush Forum’ (Castrop Rauxel, Duitsland)
This large event exposed works of fine artists using the airbrush-technique. Artists who participated at this show were David de Graef, Hajime Soroyama, Chris Achilleos, Ciruelo, Sun Bear and other artists.

The original paintings are sold worldwide; the artworks are shipped from the Netherlands to clients in the U.S.A. , Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Australia, Hawaii and more….

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